Learn About the Advantages of Proper Pond Aeration

Ponds that do not have proper water movement and aeration can fill with debris, algae, and insects. They can become unsafe to be near. No one wants a pond that becomes a breeding ground for dangerous insects such as mosquitoes. Untended ponds can smell bad and fill up with unattractive weeds. When this happens the good life forms can die out leaving a pond that is an unpleasant eyesore and a financial liability. Those who have bodies of water of different sizes on their property need to add proper aeration.

Why Purchase Pond Fountains and Aerators?

Small bodies of water such as decorative ponds or larger ponds and small lakes need water movement to keep them and the ecosystem within them healthy. A healthy, attractive pond can add beauty and value to a property. A property owner who is having a new pond built should have proper aeration equipment installed by the pond builder. If a person has a body of water on their property or on property they are purchasing, they should check to see if there is enough aeration to keep the pond or lake water clear and clean.

The addition of oxygen and water movement is not very expensive but it gives the property owner many benefits. Water movement and the addition of oxygen helps underwater plants and fish live. Aeration helps the ecosystem of a pond stay healthy and attractive. Water movement cuts down the breeding ability of mosquitoes and other troublesome insects. Moving water helps limit the formation of algae and other unwanted sludge in ponds.

What forms Of Aeration Equipment Are Available?

The property owner can purchase a small pump style aerator for a fish pond or other small pond or a large fountain style aerator for a larger pond. The aeration equipment can be powered by electricity, a windmill, solar power, or other energy sources. Companies such as Living Water Aeration provide major brands of equipment such as Kasco. They have many sizes and styles of aeration equipment to choose from. There are small pond shallow aerators, windmill aerator kits, solar power aerators, diffused aerator systems, high oxygen surface aerators, and decorative fountain aerators.

To find out what type and size of aeration equipment are best for a given situation, find out more here. The website has helpful information on pond cleaning and aeration equipment.