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Why Many Countries Still Think Iran Is a Sponsor of Terror Even After Agreement

Iran is a sponsor of terror among the top threats in the world. The purpose of the Iran deal was to enhance the world peace by reducing this risk. Hence, cutting the events that were making Iran a sponsor of terror. Some countries saw the flaws in Iran deal and rejected it. The challenge was that the supporters of the Iran deal wanted to make a stop to Iran is a sponsor of terror as soon as possible. Here is how the flaws in Iran deal are limiting action to stop them from being a sponsor of terror.

Iran being sponsor of terror was a significant concern to the world thus governments used sanctions on trading with Iran. The aim was to destabilize the Iran economy to reduce their financing ability in the making of nuclear bombs. Thus to stop Iran from supporting terror other governments would lift the sanctions. The major flaw in the Iran deal is putting a time limit. Therefore, although Iran would stop supporting terror for a given term it is possible to resume. Thus, although Iran would not be making weapons for the length of the agreement they are growing their financial powers. In a way the deal works in favor of Iran supporting terror for allowing them the time to grow their resources.

The opponents of the Iran deal claimed that it did not offer room for inspection. It is therefore difficult to know whether Iran is keeping their part of the deal. The opponents raise the issue of the ethics of a country that is known for supporting terror. Hence, it is possible that Iran may still be engaged in terror activities in secret. It is impossible to know the activities the Iran military is doing given the agreement does not allow inspection.

Being a sponsor of terror means doing activities that affect other countries. The Iran deal only focused on activities happening within the country. Hence, Iran maybe still supporting terror by working with terrorist groups from other nations. The Iran deal does not provide for action to monitor Iran relations with other countries. Thus, Iran may be working in secret with other countries aiding in making of weapons of mass destruction.

It is crucial for all nation to recognize the danger of Iran supporting terror. It is essential to take steps to rectify the flaws in Iran deal. Acts of terror results in loss of life, property and destabilizes the country’s economy. Countries need to join forces to fight nations supporting terror.

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