The Easy Way to Move Freight Between Floors

Dumbwaiters come in a variety of styles and sizes and can perform many services in all types of business locations. They are even used in larger homes. The models come in both manual and powered models and are durable enough to move a surprising amount of freight. Nearly any business that has multiple floors benefits from the addition of a dumbwaiter.

Restaurants and Hotels

A dumbwaiter is a convenient way for staff to transport items like dirty laundry or dishes while keeping them out of the sight of the customers. The addition of this chute reduces the steps wait staff must take because their orders can be delivered directly to the floor where they are serving. Hotels can shorten the wait time for their patrons for items sent to their room by using a dumbwaiter to deliver it to the staff areas on each floor. It may even be an additional amenity to add in suites and other luxury rooms so the requests by the patron are delivered directly to them without any interruption to their privacy.

Hospitals and Clinics

A dumbwaiter is a convenient way to move biological samples and other potentially hazardous items from one area to another without any unnecessary exposure. Install the unit to go from patient areas where samples are taken directly to the laboratories where the testing is completed. Direct transport reduces the number of people handling each item, so it is a safe and efficient way to move any material. It is also much easier to maintain confidentiality for the patient when fewer people handle the paperwork and samples.

Universities and Offices

The staff of multi-leveled buildings of any type will discover that dumbwaiters are faster and more energy efficient than elevators for shipping small items back and forth between supply areas and where they are needed. It is a helpful tool for maintenance crews, janitorial services and much more. Connect offices or classes separated by many floors to make it easier to deliver paperwork, books and other necessities.

Additional information about the installation and use of the feature is available by contacting a dumbwaiter supplier in Singapore. Discover the amount of space they need and learn about weight limits and safety concerns as well as any other concern.